Accident Investigations

investigating car, truck, bus, motorcycle, boat, and jet ski accidents
Accident Investigations | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLC

Motor Vehicle Accident Investigations

Motor Vehicle Accidents are difficult for everyone involved, especially if there was severe injury or death involved. To shed light on exactly what happened to cause the injuries or death the accident will more than likely need to be investigated if there was no definite clear cause to what happened. Accident investigations can be done by both police and independent investigators. Usually, the Independent Investigator is hired by insurance companies or attorneys to find out who was at fault. In either case, both types of investigators will look into all aspects of the accident. Breaking it down into parts and scrutinizing every detail looking for everything to find what is out of place that may have caused the accident from mechanical failure to human error. Keck Investigation Service, LLC ensures that we get down to the root cause of the accident for our clients. We can help get the evidence you need to solidify your court case to you and your attorney.

Motorcycle Accident Investigations

We at Keck Investigations Service, LLC are motorcycle enthusiasts and we understand that there are numerous hazards presented to riders in this environment every day. Unlike most other vehicles operating on the roadways, motorcycles offer no protection to the operator, so when an incident occurs it can have much greater consequences to the rider. Should you suffer the experience of a motorcycle incident, let us investigate the circumstances for you. We will gather the facts and provide them to you and your attorney.

Motorcycle Accident Investigation | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLC
Jet Ski Accident Investigation | St. Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLC

Boat, Jet Ski or Other Marine Related Accident Investigations

We live here in the beautiful Tampa Bay area with all sorts of water related activities to enjoy, this unfortunately leads to boat, jet ski and other marine related accidents. Just because an accident happens on the water, it doesn’t mean it can’t be investigated; there are still witness statements, potential cell phone video, and photographs of the damage water vessel(s) to be acquired or documented. The Professional Investigators at Keck Investigation Service, LLC will handle this investigation on your behalf.

Slips Trips and Falls

Did you know several Civil Litigation Cases arise everyday as a result of Slips, Trips and Falls? Simple causes could be raised or unlevel sidewalk crevices, unseated manhole covers or grates and slick surfaces. Many result in serious injuries that someone is accountable for. Call us to get the scene of your accident documented before the responsible party repairs defect as if it was never there.